BESA Membership No. HV022248


Benefiting from over twenty years experience within the catering industry and utilising the latest technological advances to service the hygiene of ducting for small office systems to large industrial air handling units and disinfection of buildings and ducting systems.

KCC Ventilation Hygiene Specialists Vent-Clenz LTD offers a bespoke cleaning service for all types of ventilation systems from kitchen extraction to air conditioning ducting.

On completion of any work we provide a Post Clean Verification Report including a schematic drawing of your system, pre and post clean photographs to provide you with an easily accessible document which will form a critical part of your fire risk assessment process.

Insurers will ultimately have access to these reports to assess the risk of insurance prior to offering insurance as well as confirming that your system has been cleaned by a NAAD21 - TR19 audited and compliant business.